About Us

At this time who “we” are is simply myself, David Seacord, being supported by the small circle of souls I have gratefully been given as helpmates in this work. You are invited to join us… as we are, in a way, creating intentional loving community by working together.

The knowing that is powerfully calling me/us currently is a strong intuitive sense that if it could be made widely available in multiple languages at this moment in our human evolution, The Love Declaration could become a very useful tool in supporting the unfolding of planetary Divine Awakening… and that it is therefore appropriate to offer it into the collective human awareness. I/we are doing what we are able towards this believing that the Declaration has an inspirational work to do with many people… and I/we act in the faith that the person-to-person sharing of it either directly and/or via the internet are among the best and least costly ways for it to reach whomever it is meant for in perfect timing.

Therefore right now, beyond this website,  all distribution and sharing of the Declaration is occurring at a  grassroots level where whoever has somehow received it is encouraged to be giving it to others as they are inspired to do so—thus, there is little organization,  no non-profit status, no well-staffed central office.  However, I am seeing this state of affairs may be becoming more ripe for a transformation into a much higher and more extensively organized functionality, as that has always been the longterm vision, and I personally believe it is now time to work to manifest the fullness of that vision.   In any event, if you have signed up to receive the newsletters, you are most certainly invited to join us in our work ….of using the openings presented for taking The Love Declaration ‘to a larger worldwide stage’.

Thank you for supporting The Love Declaration to reach the world as “an idea whose time has come”.  As worldwide current events demonstrate that this work is needed by the world NOW, we/I are inspired to choose YES and are acting in the  knowing and with the affirmation that everything that is needed will be provided.

Blessings Always,

David Seacord



The Love Declaration is a planetary transformation project of In God We Trust UBO (Rev. David Seacord, trustee), promoting the choice to Love instead of to fear. Your gift of any amount… which should NOT be considered “tax-deductible” (i.e., we do not have ‘501-c3’ status)… helps sustain this ongoing spirit-led work.   Thank you!… for giving as you are inspired, and as you are able.

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