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Would you like to work together to nurture the growth of Love in this world?  Would you be perhaps interested in creating an event for in your community?  To benefit the Good that IS, I am available to create – at your invitation and with your participation – transformational spiritual gatherings and musical events that nurture and serve the practical arising of a loving way of being that is authentic and increasingly freed from personally or culturally imposed limitations and fears.

These events can take a variety of forms, such as those suggested in the title of this page, but whatever format is chosen, they invariably aim at expanding spiritually via consciously waking up, growing up, and cleaning up.  And they all contain group time to sit together in the inner no-mind silence of being empty and being nobody special, plus interaction time to speak deeply and honestly which allows our joined wisdom to be received and to be seen, and time to sing (and likely dance) from our hearts in happiness together (as group devotional-ecstatic music is the favorite treat of my heart).

I promise to lead these events skillfully. I am now trained by life to communicate this message for “Always Choosing Love” from a wide variety of settings (such as from a stage podium… to a small gathering your living room…to simply being in a group circle in a meadow around a campfire after hiking together all day through wilderness).  Over the years, I have led numerous multi-day in-depth events exploring the principles of The Love Declaration that delivered valuable deepening to those participating (as confirmed by their feedback) as well as to myself, for I cannot teach without also being a learner also.

Depending upon the length of time allotted, any event I lead can also become the vessel for sharing about, demonstrating, and answering questions about the personal practices that are part of my own disciplines.  For instance, beyond yoga, I practice many healing and dietary arts that are not yet commonly known (such as sun-gazing and waterfasting and a heavily rawfood diet) but which are very helpful to maintaining health and vitality.  I also promote developing a much deeper relationship to nature and solitude than is culturally common, and I am often able to creatively assist others to find ways past habituated barriers.

All work of this nature that I am invited to do is done with a faith that a financial policy that allows anyone to participate who is sincerely interested is best.  As no event is ever without ‘costs’ perhaps they cannot be ‘free’, but in the spirit of the Zen concept of Dana (the sacred practice of cultivating selfless generosity), they can be ‘give what your heart says you are able to’.  By grace, that has always worked for me.  Therefore, please do contact me if you are interested in sponsoring an event or otherwise working together.  Namaste.

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The Love Declaration is a planetary transformation project of In God We Trust UBO (Rev. David Seacord, trustee), promoting the choice to Love instead of to fear. Your gift of any amount… which should NOT be considered “tax-deductible” (i.e., we do not have ‘501-c3’ status)… helps sustain this ongoing spirit-led work.   Thank you!… for giving as you are inspired, and as you are able.

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