A History of The Love Declaration

by David Seacord

The Love Declaration was originally written in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1986.  I was inspired by a challenge from one of my teachers of the time (transformational philosopher Werner Erhard) who invited us–his students– to “get clear… because it’s important self-knowledge: Just what is your fundamental principle in life?”.  Responding to that challenge, I began to write and edit my fundamental principle, which became a daily spiritual practice of asking myself the question, then looking within and discovering the deeper truths laying under the surface truths, again and again and again.  By the end of a few months of this discipline, The Love Declaration had been born.

Also however, as part of the process of the Declaration’s birth there arose an awakening to the call of a Vision, particularly as I came to understand that something similar to The Love Declaration HAD to also live, at least as a spark, in every other human being too.  One of the initial Visions was that if I put the Declaration on a large scroll, and then personally went to all the leaders of the world and powerfully invited them to sign it, that—if they did it seriously—and then actually lived into it too, mankind would be a huge step closer to Peace on Earth.  So, sincerely if naively, that is what  I set out to do…

After months of preparations, in the fall of 1987 the first Love Declaration Mission journey was launched.  And, for the next two years, I wandered the western  half of the United States in my motorhome, presenting the Declaration and my planetary vision for it to whomever I met, wherever I met them.  I followed generous referrals and introductions and responded as invited to speak or lead seminars about it. It was a truly magical journey, grace opening new doorways unendingly,  and I repeatedly experienced that support and financial gifts always appeared exactly as needed….and so learned that the ‘abundance of life’ is to be trusted, not feared. Yet eventually, a challenging cloud arose… I felt a deep personal loneliness for a personal soul partner… and that led to my making several unwise interpersonal relating choices… and as I recognized those poor choices they resulted in feelings that I had ‘fallen’ and that I had transgressed the Covenant.  I ‘contracted’, lost power, isolated, became depressed, and eventually, I ended the Mission in the fall of 1989 feeling I had failed.  According to one prophetic summation received at that time, “You did much good work with many other people, but you were shallow in doing the work within yourself.  Your work now is: to learn to love yourself.”

To briefly summarize the past from then to now—that (learning to love myself) has been what my inner life has been about, although ‘on the outer’ there have been many changes of form.  A son was born, new careers were discovered and lived into, new ways of living were entered and new teachers appeared to be learned from.  Yet as the years passed, there remained a knowing that the work of The Love Declaration in the world was not finished…. and so there has been a waiting for the call….‘in God’s timing’.

That time of waiting ended as I recognized the potential difference The Love Declaration could make in the world in these prophetic times.  I accepted ‘reactivation’—to again present The Love Declaration (in a slightly amended form, as three necessary words have been added) to the world.

That plan now?   To send The Love Declaration to the world via the internet; and also to give away a free downloadable greeting card pdf so that people could print and share their own copies with their families and friends, so that then those people could share likewise ad infinitum.

The message? That this is now the perfect and proper time for The Love Declaration.  This is the  time because the consciousness of the planet has moved to a powerful, prophetic moment of opportunity.  This is the time because there now exist communication technologies unheard of during the first mission.  This is the time because there now exist millions of natural partners… conscious beings already fully in alignment with this Declaration who can assist in accomplishing this mission…  and this is the time because what is needed is not a document signed by world leaders, what is needed is a very simple thing: to distribute the Declaration across the planet in as many languages as possible and allow it to speak its message to the Heart of all who receive it.  I believe just doing this will call many awake to themselves newly.  And each one who awakens will add their light to the total Light. And that is the mission of the Declaration now… in partnership with the thousands of other light-sourced expressions of pure Love…to generate a quantum increase of the world-wide Light at this time, right NOW, that uncountable miracles of Absolute Love may arise everywhere and dissolve the grip of fear upon this Earth, that all humanity may enter a new World based upon Love. “

Please join with me in this work however you are able.  Especially, please download the free PDF and use it to share The Love Declaration.  You doing that will create miracles.  And those miracles will beget other miracles which will beget and beget further miracles into infinity.  For that is all The Love Declaration is really all about.

Thank you….

David Seacord

About the Painting: Shattering the Illusions © 2006 Rev. David Seacord 48” x 48” Acrylic on Panel, original collected. Full sized limited edition fine art giclee reproductions available, $2000 plus shipping.  Yes, your art patronage helps sustain this work!  Smaller/ less expensive prints also available…please inquire.  Thank you.

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