Mission Statement

The Love Declaration Mission Statement

This Love Declaration is a personal and planetary transformation covenant whose purpose is to be a bridge to our awakened conscious planetary human unity. It is a spiritual-initiation-portal, through which all beings are invited to pass via the authentic setting-aside of the illusion of a separate self. It is a powerful and unambiguous thought form, and is intended to be freely shared, moving as a gift from heart to heart as timed and guided by the Good That Is. It’s function is to inspire unifying miracles by rigorously voicing – without exceptions, back doors, loopholes, or exits of any kind – a fundamentally true knowing living deep within every created sentient being. Regardless of any failures to actually BE it moment to moment, The Love Declaration stands for the possibility of knowing ourselves as our Word in exactly the same way that Life’s Creator knows itself as it’s Word.

The Declaration, by including AND going beyond the present tense simple into the future-promissory (I am AND I will be) languages for the benefit of our personal awareness the actively compassionate voice of our universal relatedness. It is a tool, providing the limitless non-comparative reality of Absolute Love a trustable anchoring presence for our hearts and minds.

Beyond suggesting daily remembrance, and that its usage be public, shared, and communion-generating, The Love Declaration, being universal, comes without instructions, because guidance regarding its use is available within every being directly for the sincere asking, whatever our individual cultural backgrounds, faith persuasions, or other life-contextualizing paradigms.

Thank you for recognizing that your life, and the creative, intentional, and contributive way you live it, is a blessing absolutely essential to the wholeness of Life. There is only One of us here.




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The Love Declaration is a planetary transformation project of In God We Trust UBO (Rev. David Seacord, trustee), promoting the choice to Love instead of to fear. Your gift of any amount… which should NOT be considered “tax-deductible” (i.e., we do not choose to have ‘501-c3’ status)… helps sustain this ongoing spirit-led work.

Thank you!… for giving as you are inspired, and as you are able.


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