Downloading printable versions of The Love Declaration as a Card or Poster

Please use these PDFs to make your own frame-able standard-sized Posters and/or Love Declaration Note cards.

A. Our completely free Greetings Card PDF.

The purpose of providing this free PDF is to make it as easy for you to distribute actual physical copies of The Love Declaration to your friends and community as inexpensively as possible.  The Greetings Card pdf can be use to print two products…
  1. A beautiful ‘two-up blank-inside folded’ greetings card, and…
  2. A small single sheet quarter page Love Declaration copy, with the Mission Statement printed on the back (this is accomplished by printing the same paper twice… once on each side… and then cutting the paper into quarters).

Why physical copies?

Physical copies are important because  having a physical copy of The Love Declaration makes a big difference over time…  because you/I/we can then read it often, place it in a sacred place, review it when challenged by life… all because it is in a visible hardcopy form that someone first gave to you…

You are certainly encouraged to be that somebody for the people in your life too.  If you do that, then they in turn can also be that somebody for the people in their life, and so on ad infinitum, because this free PDF contains everything that is needed for The Love Declaration to be a sacred tool that endlessly extends itself, becoming a strong chain of sacred connections across the planet…

Here’s how and why that happens when you choose to use this free pdf:

  • As you share it, it delivers The Love Declaration itself in a beautiful font and layout;
  • It also delivers The Mission Statement as the basic complimenting context of the Declaration;
  • It also gives YOU and whoever you give it to permission to non-commercially distribute free copies of this PDF without limit;
  • And,  of course, this PDF contains the link back to this website, and therefore provides everything available through this website to each being receiving it, if they  choose to use it to visit here….

Our one request is that you use a decent paper… perhaps a card stock or a parchment kind of paper, so that your Love Declaration cards will look very attractive.  That will increase their viewer value even before they are received…  which will be helpful to you in your distributions.  Also, if you choose to print greetings cards (instead of the more economical quarter page two sided version), including an envelope does add ‘more than a touch’.

The Love Declaration – 1/4 size


B. Our Full Page-sized Love Declaration PDF…

This ‘not free/a small donation is respectfully requested’ much larger version of The Love Declaration is designed so that the Mission Statement (normally printed on the backside) can also be easily read when the Declaration is fully framed (because it is now on the front alongside the centrally placed Declaration).  This allows you to place the 8.5″ x 11″ framed Love Declaration in your environment where it is visible to others, and they then have direct access to both the Declaration itself, and it’s Context.  This is important, because the Mission Statement adds a significant contextual understanding to the Declaration, so of course it is recommended they always be given together.

The reason this pdf is ‘not free’ is simply that this work, this planetary transformation project, this mission…obviously requires financial support in order to flourish, and so the choice was made to ask that that for this excellently designed PDF a donation be made to support this work.  You are of course, free to donate as you are able or inspired. We are simply very grateful for your generosity.

The Love Declaration – full size


Sharing PDF’s and Links directly.

Of course, another thing you can do to share The Love Declaration is simply send the pdf itself, or a link to this page or website to your friends too.

In summation…

Hard copy or electronically but usually person to person, that is the basic plan… please take it and run with it, as  we are living on a planet very very ready for a quantum increase in Love and Light radiating from the beings upon it. Whatever you do in sharing this Declaration will create miracles you will probably never know about… that is just the way it works when serving without attachment. But even if you/I/we don’t know how, all your/our actions done from Love do count. They make a huge difference. Just think about the times in your life you have received a kindness from a stranger. It made a difference to you, right? So will you likewise always make a difference to others… and in this particular case, by giving whoever you meet this Love Declaration as you are inspired.

I thank you for sharing this work… and I thank you for being a being who IS “the Love Declaration”…

Many Blessings to you Always….

David Seacord

P.S. Please click here to sign up for The Love Declaration Newsletter. We’d love to share with you how this project is progressing.


The Love Declaration is a planetary transformation project of In God We Trust UBO (Rev. David Seacord, trustee), promoting the choice to Love instead of to fear. Your gift of any amount… which should NOT be considered “tax-deductible” (i.e., we do not choose to have ‘501-c3’ status)… helps sustain this ongoing spirit-led work.   Thank you!… for giving as you are inspired, and as you are able.

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