An Open Letter from David Seacord

On this page I am sharing about personal publishing projects which are being created to financially support The Love Declaration when completed.

Art.    A.  I recently joined forces with a longtime friend who is a professional fine art print publisher.  She and I have done high-quality photography of several hundreds of my original painting, and she is working on creating a well-priced catalog of them that she will offer the world online.  She and I are both committed to supporting The Love Declaration with a generous portion of the profits from all art print sales.  When the catalog is completed, a link to it will be placed right here, so that it will be easy for you to visit and view it.

B. I have the intention to release downloadable pdf editions of framable posters and/or greetings cards of some of my best paintings with The Love Declaration either superimposed upon them, or alongside. Several trial mock-ups have been experimented with but the final designs are not yet completed.  If you would be interested in these consciousness products, please inspire us to finish them and release them.  You may use the contact form to  let us/me know that you are interested.

Music. New musical releases are in the works too.  My focus as a spiritual singer/songwriter has always been to deliver upgraded thinking with my lyrics.  I’ve always written songs that have shared my soul’s journey, and which have had teachings for both myself and others within them.  I am blessed to be connecting with an increasing number of excellent musicians, and I am committed to completing a state of the art release of my best compositions for you to enjoy….(again as always, in God’s timing).  In the meantime, I am sharing my music ‘as is’ via They are all available on a free or donation basis, and any donations you offer for them  does support  me in sharing The Love Declaration further. These recordings are sometimes historical and they are sometimes current pieces that I have recorded at home.  Hopefully you will enjoy listening and perhaps learning them until fully professional versions are available.

Books.  When  time is available, I am working on completing  a number of books for publication…these include both books to share spiritual insights and poetry, and also ‘coffee-table’ art exhibiting books. When completed, all will financially support The Love Declaration and it’s mission.   A great amount of inspired writing has already been done in blog and letter and poetic form and simply needs organization and editing. This of course takes time, which of course in turn requires not needing to focus the time elsewhere.  I could use assistance completing these projects, yet as there are no accidents in this (or any) universe, I am confident that these projects will be completed in perfect timing.

Newsletter. Finally, please sign up to receive The Love Declaration Newsletter,  that you will be regularly updated about whatever is new and current with this project, and you will be informed when these book and poetry and musical and other artful publication projects are completed and available.

Many kind thanks for your awesome good will and generous donations (using our PayPal Donate button whenever you are guided to do that, THANK YOU!!), as we move forward creating a world awake and led by the heart of Love.

Sincerely in Absolute Love,

David Seacord

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