I see the Love Declaration as a universally visible transformational Light beaming from atop a high pinnacle… inviting we humans everywhere to all Be Now the Love which is who in Truth we actually are, who we have always been, and who we will always be. Ultimately, The Love Declaration is about having Life work for everyone and everything on Earth.  In the meantine, it’s about individually becoming the correction as to why life often appears to not work, which is easy to identify as ‘fear’.  For, because fear stops us from knowing who we are and what we feel, it keeps us disconnected and disempowered, it shuts down clear communication, it perpetuates reactivity and judgement and all the other forms of insanity plaguing our home, our planet, and our lives. Unfortunately, there is no freedom of being where there is fear. That is why our only choice in life at any moment is really always one of love or fear.

Therefore… The Love Declaration.  It is a rigorously worded causative, i.e., a life-clarifying stand and promise…  aimed so exaltedly that at first it would seem impossible to live it.  That in itself is ‘perfect’, and I believe our highest, clearest awareness knows that… for when you or I or anyone authentically accepts its invitation, that acceptance will alter our destiny.  For most of us, yes, it certainly will take discipline and practice to make habitually good on such a promise…my personal expectation is that I will be practicing being my Word about this for the rest of my life.  Most people, including myself, still have many fear patterns active… so to just instantly ‘get it’ and never fail in being it from that first moment onwards…that is not expected or required.  Yet if you do authentically recognize the voice of your True Self within this Declaration, you ARE ready to at least begin releasing those fears.  And you’ll notice that all the future failures to live up to this promise are also included as part of the process of living it— because ‘failure’ is just another ‘condition’— and the promise is ‘from THIS (i.e., right now wherever you are) moment on, under ALL conditions’ and ‘no matter what, for the rest of my life’, so really what the Declaration is inviting you to promise is that, whenever you fail to be love, you will never stop resetting the aim of your life back to Love…. ever.

And that is something anyone CAN do…. for no matter how many times failures happen, simply returning to loving oneself and–without exception–all ‘others’… that  is so powerful a practice that it will absolutely bring more of everything good to you, and also to all those around you.  And it is a practice that if done ‘en mass on a planetary scale’ would easily transform our Earth—in a very short time—from a place of great suffering …to a place of great joy …and the Presence everywhere of true love.

Therefore, the Mission of this work is to invite you to join with all being of Love in creating a very simple grassroots movement to share The Love Declaration… in every possible language… across the planet.  This simple action… giving it to others… that is all that is required, because at this moment everything else necessary is already in place.  The people of this planet are waiting for it…they are hungry for it… and for the deep and true and lasting peace it could help bring.  Right now, the drums of fear continue their shrill beating, yet millions upon millions are rapidly waking up.  There is a huge wave of pure love building and building everywhere, in thousands of forms.  The mission of The Love Declaration is a part of that wave, it’s one of those forms… it is meant to bring a specific focused clarity… a epiphany of Self-recognition… to anyone who can read the words and know that what it says is true… about them, about everyone.  That recognition creates what is called a ‘unifying miracle’.  That is the mission of this work, to offer everyone everywhere the choice to make a simple yet profound commitment: to choose love now always forever without exceptions.

Therefore….this is now ‘the time for The Love Declaration’.  This is the  time because the consciousness of the planet has moved to a powerful, prophetic moment of opportunity.  This is the time because there exists communication technologies unheard of only a few years ago.  This is the time because there are now many millions of natural partners… conscious beings already fully in alignment with this Declaration who can assist in accomplishing this mission…  and this is the time because what is needed now is not a visionary document signed by world leaders, what is needed from us… you and I… is a very simple thing: to distribute this Declaration across the planet— in as many languages as possible— and just allow it to speak its message to the Heart of all who receive it.  You and I doing this one thing well (skillfully, consciously…as an ‘emissary of Love’) will call many millions awake to themselves newly.  And each one who awakens will add their light to the total Light on our planet. And that is the true mission of this Declaration at this moment… in partnership with the thousands of other light-sourced expressions of pure Love….to generate a quantum increase of the world-wide Light at this time, right NOW, that uncountable millions of miracles of Absolute Love may arise everywhere and dissolve the grip of fear upon this Earth, that we may all enter a new world, one finally based upon Love.

Please join with me in this work however you are able.  Especially, please download the free  PDF’s and use them to share The Love Declaration. Just give it out to your friends. Tell them what it means to you.  You doing that will create miracles.  And those miracles will beget other miracles which will beget and beget further miracles— into infinity. For those miracles is what The Love Declaration is really all about.

Thank you, thank you, thank you….


David Seacord


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The Love Declaration is a planetary transformation project of In God We Trust UBO (Rev. David Seacord, trustee), promoting the choice to Love instead of to fear. Your gift of any amount… which should NOT be considered “tax-deductible” (i.e., we do not choose to have ‘501-c3’ status)… helps sustain this ongoing spirit-led work.

Thank you!… for giving as you are inspired, and as you are able.


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